Growing up in sunny South Africa, I used to love sun tanning.  When you are young, you don't worry about the effects of the sun, as long as you have tanned more than your best friend over the school holidays.  All that sun tanning took its toll and over the years I developed dark pigmentation on my face, which was even more noticeable if I happened to sit out in the sun for any length of time - it made my face look dirty and older - never mind how dry my skin always felt.

Now that I have been in the UK for many years, I have certainly become a bit more "sun savvy" and only go out in it for short periods in order to get my essential Vitamin D, but otherwise my sun tanning days are over.

I tried so many different high street brands to even out my skin tone and give me back my youthful glow, but nothing seemed to work.  In 2014 I discovered Formula Botanica and decided that I wanted to become a skincare formulator and make my own natural skincare products that produced fantastic results.  At first it started out as a hobby, but then I realised that I was obsessed with trying out new ingredients and formulating products.  It has taken me 2 years of research and formulating to finally bring you the Khulisa Skincare range using exotic plant-based African ingredients, which all pay homage to my beautiful home country - a place I miss dearly!

I really hope that you will love my products as much as I do, and with continued use, you should see fantastic results in your skin.

Here's to healthy, glowing skin!

Thank you / Dankie / Ngiyabonga,



PS:  For those who don't know - Khulisa is pronounced "koo-lisa"


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