Oil Cleansing has been used around the world for centuries.  Certain cleansers can strip the skin of its' natural oils leaving a dry, tight feeling - especially foaming cleansers formulated with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  When we strip the skin of it natural oils, it begins to create more, which can lead to blocked pores, pimples and general skin irritation.  Oil cleansers work on the principle that "like dissolves like", so when we cleanse with oil, it removes make-up and dead skin cells, most of which are oil based.  Our Nourishing Oil Cleanser will leave your skin clean, hydrated and most of all, nourished.


  • Slightly dampen your face with water (yes, over make-up)
  • Warm 3 - 4 pumps of the oil cleanser between your hands and massage over your face.  Take your time to work the oil into your skin to remove make-up and impurities, taking care around the eyes.
  • Using the cleansing cloth supplied soaked in hot (but not scalding) water, gently wipe away the oil and make-up.  Rinse the wash cloth in hot running water and repeat.  Always double cleanse when wearing make-up.  It may seem time consuming but the results will be worth it.
  • While your skin is still damp, follow with our Radiant Facial Serum to give your skin an extra radiance boost.

For those new to oil cleansing, I am often asked if the cleanser should be used both morning and evening.  As each persons' skin is different, it is best to see what works for you.  I use mine once a day, in the evening, but you may find that you prefer to use it in the morning too.  There is no right or wrong - either way, your skin will thank you.


Khulisa Skincare products are packaged in beautiful Miron Violet Glass which block the complete spectrum of visible light (apart from the violet light) and protects the delicate ingredients inside.  All packaging, including the postal packaging can be recycled.


Each natural skincare product is made to order in small batches and from time to time there may be subtle variations due to ingredients being bought in small quantities to ensure freshness and quality.

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